Kilbourn Capital Management


Bruce Beda
Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Beda has over 45 years of experience in selecting investment managers.  He serves on the Board of Directors and is the Lead Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Stifel Financial Corporation (an NYSE financial services company).

After receiving an MBA in Accounting & Finance from the University of Michigan in 1964, Mr. Beda held key management positions at two Fortune 150 companies: Pillsbury Company and Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  At Kimberly-Clark he served as the Domestic Treasurer responsible for the selection and management of a group of 12 investment managers in the U.S. and 6 in Canada.

In 1979 he became the number two executive and CFO at Wehr Corporation, a Milwaukee manufacturing conglomerate.  Mr. Beda was the CEO & Founder of Orion Partners, LLC, a private investment and consulting firm known for its portfolio management, manager selection and asset allocation.

In addition to his experience and accomplishments, Mr. Beda takes pride in his work and holds a significant personal investment in the Kilbourn Fund.
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