Kilbourn Capital Management

Investment Strategies

Kilbourn's fund is a "fund of funds."  The key benefits of investing in a fund of funds includes the following:
  • Diversification
    • Kilbourn's fund is invested amongst 10-20 different hedge funds
  • Lower minimum investment
    • $250,000 Vs. common minimums of $1,000,000
  • Access to top performing funds that are closed to new investors

Kilbourn narrows the universe of over 10,000 hedge fund managers selecting only managers whose historic risk and return measures match our funds' design specifications.  After selection, Kilbourn monitors the fund managers for consistent performance.

Kilbourn's strategies have been developed and refined over the past 45 years of our teams' experience and also take into account the most recent academic findings.

Kilbourn seeks out funds whose strategies are consistent with the macroeconomic views that we believe will lead to growth in the futre.  Some of these views include:

  • The ever increasing Globalization of companies and markets
  • The growth of emerging markets
  • The efficiency of markets
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